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Climbing: climb the mythical Gorges du Tarn

Sep 18, 2022 | Sport

Around Compeyre Rock climbing or bouldering

Climbing is an essential discipline in the region and it would be a shame to miss it. The Tarn, Jonte and Dourbie Gorges offer an exceptional playground and breathtaking panoramas.

More than 1000 routes dominate these spaces, mainly on limestone rocks. From 3 to 9+, you will necessarily find something to have fun or to initiate you. The school sites are next to the more difficult routes, which makes it possible to go to the same site with any profile of climber.

The approach walks can be an opportunity for a walk for the shortest (10 mins) or a warm-up session for others like that of the boffi (30 mins with very steep areas). Let's not forget that we are in gorges and that the routes often dominate the rivers, enough to cool off after a good climb.

The mainly south-facing routes allow you to climb all year round. Some sites, such as the Reverent, are also recommended in the morning or in winter.

Are you more of a block person? 2 sites also offer beautiful spaces: La Blaquererie and Potensac.

The topos are available for consultation at the gite.


The Gorges du Tarn and the Millavoise region are well known for their large play areas and outdoor sports. Paragliding, hang gliding, canyoning, kayaking, climbing, trail running, bungee jumping, hiking ...

Sporting highlights: Templar race, viaduct race, pétanque world championship, cardabelle race, Natural Games...

With the children

If you are traveling with children, they will not be left out. Many educational and fun activities have been adapted and designed for all ages. The more adventurous will appreciate thetree climbing where the via ferrata. The visit of caves of Aven Armant, Bramabiau or Dargilan will leave room for their imagination just like the chaos of Montpellier the Old. THE reptilarium of Sainte Eulalie de Cernon and Micropolis will delight budding scientists while others will travel through time to relive a Templar epic at The Couvertoirade.


A must for gourmets, the south of Aveyron offers great tasting products: wine At Roquefort, passing through thealigot which can be tasted during the farmers' market and as a dessert a spit cake or some cherries of the Tarn valley.

The territory being concerned about its land, organic farming holds a large place there, both through market farming and livestock farming.


History and heritage

Impossible to quote here all the heritage to see. You will find at the entrance of the house a wide range of prospectuses.

THE millau museum traces the history of the city, from pottery to glove making. A temporary exhibition enhances the visit.

The website of the graufesenque is a Gallo-Roman archaeological site dating from the first 2 centuries AD Millau then exported its ceramics throughout the Roman Empire. Animations often take place in the summer.

A much more recent work, Millau Viaduct, built in 2004, connects the Causse Rouge and the Causse du Larzac - 2460m long and 343m at its highest point.

Templar cities like the Couvertoirade immerse you in medieval times.

Art is also highlighted by the work of many craftsmen who work with different materials: turned wood, sculpted, ceramic, leather... Crafts are widely represented.




By unusual I mean what you won't see everywhere! Of village troglodyte via a small-scale excursion boat on the Tarn or even the city of stone, a rock maze, created and sculpted by the wind. Part of the old Larzac railway lines have also been rehabilitated in bike-rail.






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compeyre: perched village

La Maison du Vigneron is located in the heart of the village of Compeyre, a former small royal city known at the time for its strategic position and its many vineyards.

Today, Compeyre is characterized by its stepped gardens and its old stone houses.

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